Difference between server and workstation


The main difference between a server and a workstation is that server is a software (set of programs) or combination of software plus hardware that provides resources, data, and services to other computers known as clients over the network. While a workstation is a high-performance computer system designed for professional use by a single user and most often used for video editing, 3D graphics, engineering design, and technical and scientific applications.Jnp. ae an online marketplace in UAE that offers different types of servers, workstations, used MacBooks,s and all IT-related equipment at an affordable price.

What is the server?

A server can be a computer, program, or a particular device responsible for providing services to its connected computers/devices in a network. The end users also called clients to send their requests to the server for services. the server responds back to the client by providing services. The computer is considered a server when they provide its resources, and data and manages its client request. In a network, the server is always considered as a backbone if a server goes down the whole network stop working.

A single server can provide services to multiple users/clients. The server runs uninterruptedly. There are different types of servers that provide different services. Jnp.ae also offers different types of servers at a cheap price according to your need and requirement. A web server provides web services to the clients. a file server provides the file to the clients. The database server runs DBMS. The email server sends and receives emails using standard email protocols.


What is a Workstation?

A workstation is a special computer used to power applications such as video editing, graphics, 3D design, or other CPU/RAM intensive software. usually, desktop computers are not suitable for high resolution, 3D- design and video editing, and other technical tasks that require high system specifications. therefore for this purpose devices with better specifications called workstations are needed. A workstation can consist of multiple displays, programmable keyboards, high-quality speakers, and controllers.
Moreover, a workstation provides multi-tasking, high memory capacity, high resolution, and a faster processor than personal computers. Therefore workstations work faster than personal computers. Remember Jnp.ae best online marketplace UAE offers workstations at an affordable price. JNP.ae not only offers all IT equipment at an affordable but also provides warranty and technical support to their clients.



Difference between server and workstation

Purpose and operation

A workstation is used to perform specific tasks as fast as possible. such as to run CPU/RAM intensive software. Whereas server is a device /software which provides services requested by a workstation/PC. Operations on workstations are like business processing, video editing, engineering, 3D graphics, etc. Server operations are mostly network based. A LAN network server provides services to all their connected terminals within a network. whereas in internet-based different servers provides different services like FTP server, web server. Remember Jnp.ae is the best online marketplace where all the IT-related products are available in one place.

Operating system aGUI

In the workstation Linux, Unix, or Windows NT operating systems are used whereas in the server Linux, Solaris server, and Windows server are used. The graphical user interface is installed on the workstation, on the other hand, GUI is an optional feature on the server side. The advantage of buying from JNP.ae is that it offers you a warranty with products and if you are facing any difficulty in installing like servers technical team is also with them.


In the server, storage disks are in RAID, and more than one power supply unit with more than one network port. In workstation RAID storage disks aren’t used. Only one power supply unit and one network port. Servers keep files such as applications, images, and videos available online for the client’s computer to access. The function of a workstation is to complete high-end applications like editing, design, etc.

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