About Us

JNP Market Sharjah (or J&P Market ) is UAE’s Largest market for used computers, used laptops, refurbished laptops, new laptops, used printers, used servers, used routers, used copiers, used mac books, used gaming PC, new pc, new computer, new or used mobile phones, computer and mobile phone accessories and other electric and electronic items. jnp.ae is the online presence of JNP market for local and international customers. Since the Market is located at the heart of industrial areas with high traffic and scarce parking, an alternate method was needed for the convenience of the Customers. Like other markets which have gone live and doing businesses with customers online, JNP was loosing business and needed access to the customers as well. hence jnp.ae was born.

JNP market has 500+ used/refurbished computer and mobile stores. There are hundreds of electric items & electronics stores and warehouses. jnp offers a wide range of services for business, residential and international customers.  Residential customers enjoy the fast, friendly, and many times same-day in-home service for a significantly cheaper price than the competition, while business customers have the peace of mind knowing their IT needs are being taken care of for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality or professionalism. The highest selling items in JNP market are Used and refurbished laptops/desktops. Other IT equipment is also available for retail or wholesale buyer which primarily includes  used printers, used copiers, used servers, used firewalls and routers.

There are several repair centers at jnp market as well so you can get your laptop, desktop, lcd, server, firewall or any other electronic item repaired at a fraction of the cost. The repair services are also available for repairing printers, copiers, scanners, mobile phones and other electronic items.

Though the products are used but they are of good quality.This is the success of the JNP market for decades. You will get warranty for the used product without any additional costs and complete support even after the warranty period. This has been the reason that JNP Computer market Sharjah has thrived through all conditions and now it has customers all over the world.

Walk into JNP used computers market and you will find people of all nationalities there. You will find people buying,selling, packing and loading. The business looks so simple there but actually its the years of experience and customer relations which run all this.

At jnp.ae we strive to take all these products and services directly into the customers hands using the power of internet.

Please feel free to browse through our listing and contact the dealers directly. If you need assistance in selecting one from hundreds of these dealers please contact us info@jnp.ae with your query. We will be more than happy to assist you. For us it does not matter whether you are looking for a single item or hundreds of them. Each and every customer is important to us!

Our Products

  • Used/New Computers (Desktops)
  • Used/New Laptops
  • Refurbished Laptops
  • Used/New LCDs
  • Used/New Printers
  • Used/New Copiers
  • Used/New Servers
  • Used/New Routers
  • Used/New Switches
  • Used/new Firewalls
  • Used/New Computer Accessories
  • Used/New Parts/Components (HDD, LCD,SSD,RAM etc.)
  • Used/New Apple Products
  • Used/New Mobile Phones
  • Used/New Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Used/New Mobile Parts for repair
  • Used/New Networking Equipment
  • Other IT equipment

Our Services

  • Laptop repair
  • Mother board repair (of all IT devices)
  • Data recovery
  • Printer Repair
  • System upgrade (RAM, Harddisk etc.)
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Software Training
  • Networking
  • Other IT Services