Apple MacBook Pro, 2012 1278, Core i5, Ram 8GB, SSD 256GB

Apple MacBook Pro 2012, 1278

Core i5

Ram 8GB


950,00 د.إ 2.200,00 د.إ

Classic 2012 macbook pro a1278 13″ 2.5GHz i5 has always been a popular choice for Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch buyers since its initial launch on June 11th, 2012. This is one of the most sold of all time. This Mac sold from 2012 until October 27th of 2016.

The MacBook Pro packs plenty of power thanks to the Intel Core i5 processor, which features a faster processor, more powerful graphics, and a memory controller integrated into a single chip. The third-generation Intel Core i5 has a 2.5 GHz speed, which can dynamically accelerate up to 3.1 GHz to match your workload thanks to updated Intel Turbo Boost Technology. And with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 processor, you get up to 60 percent faster graphics