Firewall and its Types


In computing, a Firewall is a software/hardware or combination of hardware+software is a network security system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined protocols. Firewalls typically establish a barrier between trusted networks and untrusted networks such as the internet. In simple firewall protect your network by filtering traffic and blocking outsider from gaining unauthorized access to the private network. A firewall is most important in a private network to protect your data, and block malicious software from infecting your computer. Firewalls can provide a different level of protection, its depends on your network type and how much protection you need.


What does a firewall do?

A firewall actually acts as a gatekeeper that monitors every incoming and outgoing packet. It helps to protect your network and data by controlling your network traffic just like a traffic controller. firewall block unauthorized traffic and only authorized traffic can go inside the private network. Operating systems and security software usually come with a pre-installed firewall. It’s a good idea to make sure those features are always turned on. visit for IT-related products, and services at cheap prices with warranty and maintenance services.

How does a firewall work?

firewall only allows those incoming connections that have been configured to accept. It isolates your computer from the internet while inspecting data packets as it arrives on either side of the firewall. then it is determined according to pre-determined rules where it should allow to pass or block. a firewall is responsible for checking the source and destination IP address on all the packets.

Types of firewalls

Firewall can be either software or hardware, depending on the type but good practice is to utilize both. the software version is installed onto a computer to monitor traffic through port numbers and applications. A Hardware version of a firewall is a piece of equipment installed between the network and gateway. an online mart place UAE, offers used/new firewalls at an affordable price with a 1-year warranty plus tech support.

Proxy firewall

A proxy firewall is also known as an application firewall. It filters the packet at the application layer and acts as a gateway between the internal network and the outside server on the web.

Packet-filtering firewalls.

The packet filtering firewall filter IP packet based on source and destination IP address, and source and destination port. This type of firewall protection is the basic protection for a small network. for example, a cisco router with standard ACLs can filter information at layer 3. packet filtering work at the network layer. this type of firewall is very fast because there is not much logic going behind the decisions they make. They do not store any state information and are considered not to be very secure.

Stateful inspection firewall

In stateful inspection firewall, It allows or blocks traffic based on state, port, and protocols. These firewall monitor all activity from the moment a connection is established until it ended fully. stateful inspection firewall collects data regarding every connection made through it. All of these data points form profiles of safe connections. when any connection is attempted, it is checked against the list of attributes collected by the stateful firewall

Next-generation firewall

The next generation firewalls utilize traditional firewall technology and combine it with other functionality. like traffic inspection, encryption, antivirus software, and an online market place UAE offers all IT-related equipment at a cheap price. If you want any services or products related to IT an affordable price visit

Threat-focused firewall

The thread-focused firewall includes all of the features of a next-generation firewall, while also providing advanced threat detection. these firewalls can provide a user to better detect suspicious activity.

Network address translation firewall

A network address translation firewall makes it possible for multiple devices with their own Network address to connect to the internet using one IP address, keeping individual IP addresses hidden. It operates on the router to protect the private network. A network address firewall protects the identity of a network and does not show internal IP addresses to the internet.

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