Pre-Owned Server ML350 G8 Tower (1 Year warranty)

How to buy used/refurbished servers

What is the server?

The server is actually a device/set of programs that process the requests generated by the client. In a network, the server is responsible for providing services to its connected computers/devices in a network. There are different types of servers available such as mail servers, web servers, FTP servers, Database servers, print servers, mail servers, and virtual servers. Every server is different in its functionality.

Pre-Owned Server ML350 G8 Tower (1 Year warranty)
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Things to consider before buying a used/refurbished server

A used server is a great affordable option for small and medium organizations. A refurbished server is a server that has been used by another organization and then is restored to its original condition by the manufacturer and then available to reuse. Buying a new server for a small organization can be expensive. Refurbished/used servers can give you the same performance as a new one. If you are from UAE and searching for a used server or any other IT-related equipment just visit an online marketplace in UAE that not only offer used/refurbished IT product but also provide maintenance services.

Check the Hardware

When you are going to buy a refurbished/used server always check the hardware. In some cases used server may have damaged/outdated hardware that can cause future problems. Try to test the hardware if possible before making your purchase.

Check the Software

Make sure that your used/refurbished server software is up to date and no compatibility issue with your system. So it’s important to check compatibility because incompatible software can cause a variety of problems. offers used servers at an affordable price with a 1-year warranty and tech support.

Check the Warranty

One of the most important things is to check the warranty of used/refurbished servers. Used/refurbished servers may become with a limited warranty that may not cover certain components or repairs. Make sure to understand the terms of the warranty before making your purchase.

Check server booting

Check the used/refurbished server before making a purchase if it’s booted up properly. If it does not work properly there is an issue with the hardware or OS. an online marketplace in UAE offers all the IT-related equipment with tech support just contact us.

Check working conditions

⦁ Make sure all the ports are working properly.
⦁ Check that there is no excessive noise coming from the server. All cooling fans must be installed and working properly in a server motherboard.
⦁ If you’re not comfortable testing the server yourself, you can always ask a professional to do it for you.

Advantages of Buying used/refurbished servers


There are many options available at an affordable price to buy used servers. Most of the functions of the refurbished server are like brand-new servers. In some cases, they perform even faster than new models.


Refurbished servers are as reliable as new ones. sellers can fully check the refurbished server like power supply, storage, cooling fans, motherboard, warranty, hardware, software, etc. is the best online marketplace in UAE that offers its products and services at a cheap and reasonable price.

Replacement of server parts

You can easily replace the server parts to increase performance. Buying used/refurbished servers saves the company money, time, and effort. To take the best performance from used servers they need to be configured properly by an expert.

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