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Buying a smart phone or mobile phone is always a tricky proposition. Here are some tips from our experts for buying a used smart phone or mobile phone.

  1. Physically inspect the used smartphone. Watch for damage to the body, like dents and scratches, as well as water damage. Be especially mindful of scratches on the phone and on the camera lens at the back. Take your time with this, don’t rush it. If you are buying a unibody phone where the battery can’t be removed, the water damage indicator is usually placed in the SIM card slot. The best way to find out the place of the indicator on your model is to google it.
  2. If It Opens, Open It. Any flap, cover, port that can be opened—like a push-pin slot for SIM or microSD cards—needs to be tested so open it and check that it’s fine.
  3. Check all the ports. Pop your own headphones into the handset and check if they are working. Connect the charger cable you got to your laptop and see if it’s charging by that port. If it charges by laptop, it’s going to charge by wall socket. Then run these checks with the packaged accessories too.
  4. Pop in your SIM card. Make a call, send a text, and browse to your favorite website. It’s the best way to check those parts of the phone are working well. If the phone is locked to a network and your SIM isn’t from that carrier, you’ll find out immediately with this simple test.
  5. Run the service code test. Each smartphone has a service code that you can use to access a special menu to check whether different parts of the phone are running. Google it to find the one for your device. For example, typing “*#0*#” (without the quotes) on the Samsung Galaxy S3 will start the LCD Test to check different aspects like your touch screen, dimming, speaker, cameras, receiver, vibration, RGB, sensors, and more. Go through each test to make sure the components of the phone are working fine.
  6. Buy used smart phones from trusted seller. Finally it always pays to guy from a trusted and professional seller. At jnp.ae we are committed to providing our buyers of used computers and used mobile phones with best products possible.

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Buying a used smartphone can save you a lot of money, but it also involves a few risks—like making sure it’s in good condition and that it isn’t stolen. Here are some tips from our experts at used computer and mobile market Sharjah, UAE.

Smartphone makers release new models every year. Since people always have the itch to upgrade, you can get a great deal on a used smartphone as long as you’re willing to stay behind the cutting edge. Still, buying a used smartphone means you have to do your due diligence. For one, warranty is usually out of the question, or it will at least be significantly reduced. Second, you need to ensure everything is working correctly. And finally, based on these, you have to get the right price.

The point of buying a used smartphone is to get a good price, so you need to put in a little research first. To get the best deal, you need to see how many people are selling that smartphone right now and at what price. To do that, search for the handset on all stores on jnp.ae. You will come across enough listings, but there are a few things to note:

  1. Make sure it’s unlocked. Many stores in UAE are selling locked smartphones, which cost a little less than what you would look for but you have to unlock it to use!
  2. Don’t note the median price, note the prices of what you are looking for. Used smartphones come in various levels of condition, so you need to actually click those links and read the description to know whether the condition meets what you are looking for. Once you find such items, note their prices as that’s what your reference is, not items which are in better or worse condition.
  3. Check the price of what a new phone costs with similar specifications. If you’re buying a one-year-old smartphone for a price where you can get a similar new phone, the deal isn’t worth it because you lose out on warranty.
  4. Make sure all the accessories are intact. If they aren’t, find out what it would cost you to buy each accessory and use that as a bargaining chip to reduce the price.

It pays to think like a smartphone seller when you are looking to buy. Our article on selling a smartphone has a rundown of how to consider things like product cycles, location, age and condition to figure out the price of a device. The same things hold true for the buyer.

Where to Buy a smartphone in Sharjah, UAE

We recommend the easiest and safest way to buy a used smart phone. That is jnp.ae! Why? Because it has a system in place where you can report someone for selling a stolen phone, a phone with an altered ESN, a damaged screen, or water damage. In any of those cases, you can get your money back. More over jnp.ae has strict membership policy which ensures customers protection. It is the only place where you can get warranty for a used smartphone so that you are more comfortable buying it. Moreover if you still need assistance you can ask us info@jnp.ae and we will help you get a great deal!



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Many people don’t like to buy used computer or used laptop. How ever in case of buying a refurbished laptop or refurbished computer, they are not sure. In this article we discuss pros and cons of refurbished computers and share some tips for buying the best one. Remember that refurbished computers are also available on our site jnp.ae.

When a used/returned computer reaches a refurbish-er,  he/she will put it through tests to make sure that whatever the returnee didn’t like is the only problem, and then they’ll do what they must to fix the system. Hard drives are wiped clean and the operating system is freshly installed. If it’s a desktop, it’ll probably get a new mouse and a keyboard. Then the system gets tested and verified again, just like it did before it went out in the first place. It goes into a fresh box and is put out for sale. Legally, it can’t be called brand-new, and that means it typically sells at a lower price, even though, for all intents and purposes, it is new. Some refurbished PCs are actually new because they never came out of the box (maybe the order was cancelled, for example). Such “open box” deals may be the best deals you’ll find.

We suggest buy from the direct manufacturer or re seller partner. This is nothing like buying direct from a previous owner. If it comes from the manufacturer, it’ll once again have a guarantee—at least, for a while. So if something goes wrong—and that usually happens early—you’re covered. If it doesn’t come with a warranty, skip it.

We suggest getting a refurbished computer or refurbished laptop directly from the manufacturer or re seller, if you can. That way, the components replaced during reconditioning should be the same. A third-party refurbish er may use something different. In the end, go with someone you trust. Make sure you triple-check the return policy either way, so you don’t get stuck with someone else’s lemon just because you had some blind faith.

So if you are buying a refurbished laptop or refurbished computer from Sharjah or Dubai or any other emirate, we suggest you to visi jnp.ae. If you are not sure and need assistance, you can contact us directly at info@jnp.ae and we will try very best to get you a good deal. So if you are not a big fan of used computers and used laptops etc. we suggest you consider refurbished laptops and refurbished desktops. If you are in UAE, can can order and get them delivered and installed at your office or home. You are also offered warranty for these products which you buy from jnp.ae. Product support and help is always there as well.

Refurbishing  extends the life of laptops and desktops and other products, it reduces the cost of the product to a fraction of original while still offering the warranty . When you buy a refurbished computer, you will save some money, although your savings may vary. Buying older refurbished computers nets you a significant discount off of the computer’s original price. They’re also typically less expensive than the price of even an entry level new computer, with many refurbished computers available for just a few hundred dollars.

Despite it has some downsides, using a refurbished PC has maximum upsides overall. It helps to tackle with e-waste issues around the globe. As well as it saves the money of customers. Things are important to consider while buying the refurbished electronic product is just that you have to make sure about the product is come with warranty and extended warranty. Purchase it from reliable manufacturer is always important. If you are looking for used or refurbished laptop or computer please visit jnp.ae.

The process of refurbishment is able to enrich the lives of thousands while also helping to significantly reduce the amount of e-waste that is filling our landfills and polluting our environment.



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Buying a used computer or used laptop is a great way to save money but you should know how to select a good one which can serve you for many years to come. Buyers for used computers from Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates are aware of the JNP used computers market in Sharjah. Its a great place for buying used electronics, used computers, used laptops, used servers, used firewalls,used routers, mobile phones and accessories.

Before you even start looking for a used laptop or computer in Dubai or Sharjah, you have to figure out what you need. What will you be using the laptop for? What are the hardware requirements for the software you want to run? Do you have a specific size in mind? How much are you willing to pay? Are there brands you prefer? You can contact us at info@jnp.ae but doing yourself is also a great learning experience.

You need to work out your requirements before diving into jnp.ae because otherwise the sheer volume of laptops offered are going to overwhelm you.

  • If you want to run the latest version of Photoshop on your laptop, you should check Adobe’s list of requirements. Normally A machine with i3 and 2GB RAM is enough but higher power machines will make your machine more responsive.
  • If you intend on gaming at all, make sure the specs are high enough to run the games you like. Consult gaming PC specialists at JNP.ae to get best used gaming PC.
  • If you want to carry your laptop around with you, make sure it’s not to big to fit in your bag or heavy to carry around comfortably and it has a good battery life.

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you want, it’s time to dive in. Go ahead and open jnp.ae, then try search and browse by tags. Open a few laptops that look interesting, then see if the specifications match up to your lists of needs and wants. We are sure you will find something to your liking.

If you don’t find things that match your needs, that’s okay: we’re playing the long game here. Someone will eventually offer what you’re looking for, and when that happens you’re going to want to be the first person to find out. For this you can leave your requirements at info@jnp.ae and we will inform you as soon as the requirement is met.

Hope you like this post. Do like us at our facebook page!

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