How To Buy Used Macbook

If you are switching from Windows to mac or want to buy a used/refurbished MacBook with a limited budget then buying a refurbished/used mac with a warranty and tech support is the best option for you. Remember that an online marketplace UAE also offers a used MacBook with a  warranty and tech support at a reasonable price. In this article, we discuss all the necessary steps you should take care to ensure the mac you’re purchasing is performing well and good. following are the steps to consider before buying a used MacBook.

Check for damages 

Start to examine all the physical parts of the MacBook such as screws and visible scratches. If you find any loose screw means that it has been serviced by non-authorized repair serviced. Also, check display hinges(joints that support the display and case) and make sure that the screen and case are not bent.

 Check how old that Mac is

check the actual age of the mac by going to the about section of the apple menu.If macOS is not installed on the used mac you can check it with its serial number. By using these resources you can find age, warranty,mac model,

Disable firmware password

firmware passwords are passcode that locks some part some parts of the mac from being accessed. you can enable or disable the password from the mac recovery screen. If you are buying a used mac check the firmware password.  Always ask the mac owner to enter a recent password and then disable it.

 Apple Hardware Test

To check mac hardware apple diagnostics is one of the easiest ways to find hardware issues. It can detect logic board, memory,  and other hardware-related issues.
  • Disconnect all the external devices and turn off the mac
  • Now turn it on and hold the D key once hearing the startup chime
  • select the language and press the arrow button to start the hardware test

 Run a keyboard test

To test the keyboard use the macOS build-in text edit app,  open it, and type every keyboard character. Also, check the caps lock button and functional keys.

Check the optical drive

If the mac you are going to buy has an optical drive insert a DVD or CD disk to check if it working properly and read information. an online marketplace in UAE that offers used laptops, servers, used MacBooks, used LCD, used desktops,  gaming PC, and all the other IT equipment at cheap prices.

Check all ports

It’s simple just connect your external drive USB to the USB port. do the same and also check headphones.

Check hard drive

You can use the disk utility tool to examine hard drive health
  • Go to application in finder
  • Choose utilities
  • Then select disk utility
  • Click first aid
  • Click run

Check the battery

To make sure the MacBook you’re buying its battery  won’t drain after just an check battery health
  • Click apple logo
  • hold option key
  • select system information
  • open the power section in the left sidebar
  • pay attention to the health information system
cycle count and Condition help you to diagnose Mac’s battery health. less battery cycle counts the better.

Check Display, Speakers, Webcam

The display is an important part of the user experience. To check the display run an EIZO monitor test that can help to check the used mac for dead check the speaker simply you can play a youtube video. Open facetime to check the webcam.

Network And Connectivity

Try to set up a wifi network and check your network if it is working properly. then go ahead and check your Bluetooth connection.visit for affordable used macbook with  warranty and tech support

Boot this Mac

Always boot your mac and check macOS load all the way to the desktop picture. If macOS is not installed on this machine, use the bootable drive you brought with you (the one with macOS on board). Hold down the Option key once you hear the startup chime and select the external startup drive.

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