Difference Between HDD and SSD

if you’re new to tech or want to shop for a storage drive at a reasonable price. So your next step is to find the best option between the two storage types, you’ll want to first learn what each does before asking which is a good one. Jnp.ae an online marketplace UAE offers both HDD and SSD drives at an affordable price.

The basic difference between a Solid state drive (SSD) and a hard disk drive (HDD) is that Solid State Drive stores the information in integrated circuits (ICs) memory chips. Whereas a magnetic disc Drive stores data magnetically, using circular disks called platters. A hard disk drive is the commonly used storage disk, which uses a moving read/write head to access data. this is often the traditional way of storing data. which is employed in Computer devices. On the opposite hand, a Solid State Drive could be a faster, no-motion, and more efficient auxiliary storage which stores data using non-volatile storage. SSD may be a new-age technology. SSD doesn’t have any moving parts or revolving disks.

What is a conventional magnetic disk drive (HDD)?

If you have got a desktop PC it’ll possibly have a standard disc drive, on which the OS, together with any applications you put in, and your files and folders, are stored. a standard drive contains a circular disc – referred to as a platter – that stores your data. The disc spins, allowing the read-write arm to read data on the disc. Older hard drives use an IDE port to attach to the motherboard of a PC, but the latest hard drives use a SATA III version connection. HDD also called a hard disc uses a memory device for the storage of information.

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What is a solid-state drive (SSD)?

A solid-state drive (SSD) is newer storage technology, and if you’ve got a modern laptop, it’s likely that it uses an SSD drive in it. As the name suggests, an SSD has no moving parts. Instead, it uses NAND non-volatile storage. The more NAND (Negative-AND) memory chips an SSD has, the more storage capacity it’s. Modern technology allows SSDs to possess more NAND chips than ever, which implies SSDs can have capacities almost like HDDs. Many SSDs include SATA III ports, which implies they will be easily installed  on an HDD. jnp.ae provide different storage SSD in cheap price.


SSD vs HDD: price

When you’re choosing between an SSD and HDD, the primary big difference you’ll notice initially is that the price. SSDs are typically more costly per gigabyte than traditional hard drives. SSD provides quick loading, booting, running, and processing times for applications. HDD takes longer for booting, processing, and allied functions than SSD.As it comes to price jnp.ae offers affordable price SSD for  you.

Data Transfer in an HDD vs SSD

In an HDD, data transfer is sequential. The physical read/write head “seeks” an appropriate point within the disc drive to execute the operation. This time interval will be significant. The transfer rate may also be influenced by classification system fragmentation and therefore the layout of the files.
In an SSD, data transfer isn’t sequential; it’s random access so it’s faster. there’s consistent read performance because the physical location of knowledge is irrelevant. SSDs don’t have any read/write heads and thus no delays because of head motion.

Speed factor

HDD disks uses read/write head for operation. So start-up speed is slower for HDDs than SSDs because a spin-up for the disk is required. on the opposite hand data may be access randomly because SSD drive haven’t any read/write head , thereby offering faster boot up times.


SSD reliability is usually beyond HDD because moving parts in an HDD increase the danger of mechanical failure. The rapid motion of the platters and heads inside the magnetic disk drive can cause to go crash.

Storage capacity

Until recently, SSDs were too expensive and only available in smaller sizes. 128 GB and 256 GB laptops are common when using SSD drives while laptops with HDD internal drives are typically 500 GB to 1 TB. jnp.ae offers variety of storage drives in cheap price


SSDs are used primarily for fast data retrieval and constant use on a laptop or desktop because of their low power consumption and size. they’re used for everyday processes and will not be used for extended storage like HDDs. SSDs are a preferred device when it involves moving large files quickly and simply

power consumption

SSD uses less energy and power which ultimately reflects in less battery being consumed by laptop and allows it to stay cool. HDD uses more power which drains the battery soon and generates more heat.

Noise and vibration

SSD doesn’t end in any noise or vibrations. HDD ends up in noise and vibration because of moving parts.


The performance of HDD drives becomes slow because of fragmentation. so defragmentation is necessary. SSD drive performance isn’t impacted by fragmentation. So defragmentation isn’t necessary.


HDDs are heavier than SSD drives.SSD drives are lighter than HDD drives because they are doing not have the rotating disks, spindle and motor.

Input/output performance

HDD supports fewer I/O operations per second (IOPS) while SSD supports more I/O operations per second(IOPS).

Which to Choose?

If the value isn’t a constraint, our vote goes to SSD. they’re super-fast, durable, reliable. If your application needs a awfully great amount of storage with less cost choose HDD. Good new is that JNP.ae offers a brand new Techify brand SSD drive  within a cheap price.

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